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Define the term reduction in chemistry

It states that partially-filled atomic orbitals of cinema different atoms overlap with each other in sodebo order to form pathe covalent bonds.
Dry define Cells: An electrochemical cell in which reduction the pizza electrolyte is not in a liquid form but is in the form of a paste with low moisture content.
Moderator: In a nuclear reactor, a moderator is an intervening substance that helps in bringng down reduction the speed of fast-moving neutrons during nuclear fission.
The physical, and chemical properties of allotropic forms of an element are coupon totally different from each other.Covalent Bond: A type of chemical bond in which sharing of electrons takes place between the reacting atoms.Molarity: Molarity of a solution can be described as the measure of the quantity of solute substance, present in one liter of the given solvent.Chemistry is an extremely vast subject.It carries a single positive charge and its mass is equal to that of an electron.Raoult's Law: sodebo The law states that in an ideal solution in the equilibrium state, the total vapor reduction pressure depends on the vapor pressure of every individual component and their mole fractions in the solution.It also states that atoms of every element are identical. A, absolute Zero: This is coupon the lowest value on any coupon temperature scale.
P Partial Pressure: In a mixture of lyon gases, the partial pressure is the pressure exerted by one individual gas, when it occupies the entire volume.
Polymerization: The process where the smaller units of molecules are combined to coupon form a large three-dimensional structure of polymer chains is called polymerization.
Yttrium: A transition metal that belongs to Group 3 of the periodic table.
For example, mcdonalds when a small amount of sugar (solute) is mixed with water (solvent) a homogeneous solution in water is obtained.
Universal belgique Indicator: It is an indicator that changes its colors through a large range of pH values of the pH chart, for the identification coupon of acidic or basic nature of different solutions.
Radioisotope: Radioisotope is an atom that has a highly unstable nucleus which causes radioactive decay and leads to radioactive emissions.
Fractional Distillation: A distillation process where a liquid mixture whose components have reduction varying boiling points are separated mcdonalds using a fractioning column in the distillation apparatus.Pauli Exclusion Principle: Pauli exclusion principle states that no two electrons of an atom can mcdo have mcdo similarity in the values of their four quantum numbers.Triple Bond: A type of covalent bond where three pairs reduction of electrons are shared between the bonding atoms.Y Yield: It is often termed as reaction yield or chemical yield.Olefin Fiber: A large chain of hydrocarbon compounds reduction prepared by polymerization of alkenes.Inorganic Compound: The class of compound that does not have coupon any carbon hydrogen bonds in them reduction is called inorganic compounds.