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Code reduction ter

This pressure reduction mechanism can trigger TER automatically if the pressure is carte high enough.
Thats when all the RTL optimizations have run, and reduction its close to what the register allocator is going to see, so reduction the data is the most accurate.
I'm throwing this gratuite back on the table.
The exact number would be found during tuning.It seems like a reasonably easy job to do on SSA form.Perhaps Vlad's RA will code get in this release, reduction and/or perhaps the need for this will be eliminated by something reduction code else, sncf but it is something reduction that may help code generation in the short term at least.This technique has the property of reduction reducing the live range pressure over the statements between the def and each use. Calculate a spill cost for unkut each ssa_name.
This is a factor of aeroport things like how many uses there are, whether unkut the def is recomputable, whether occurences are inside loops, and over what distance they are live.
These infections might corrupt your computer installation or reduction breach your privacy.
The fastest approach would be to first take that pressure code, and quickly add the remaining bits to handle simple loads aeroport and see if there appears to be enough benefit to continue the work.
One of the primary reasons I parking think there may be some benefit to this is that non-virtual SSA_namess map to registers at out-of-ssa/expand reduction time.
I think it aeroport probably does an acceptable job aeroport even if it has to spill a bit.If someone want to try that, bonus, that would be great.Pst size split keygen or key generator might contain a trojan horse opening a backdoor code on your computer.So as a temporary solution (until a proper code one presents itself I suggest that a pre-spiller serves the purpose.We currently have situations where a lot of optimizations unkut happen, and we end up providing a function to the backend which has 200 registers live at once at some point.The existing register allocator does a decent job if it doesn't have to spill.The second stage might be to look at SSA_names which are expressions.I don't believe it applies to all code architectures parking yet, and I'm not aware of anything else in the.4 timeline that can help.I suggest it here again simply as a pass run in the middle of out-of-ssa.It does appear to break down badly if it has to spill a lot.I will update and format this better shortly.